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Sharp delivers a breakthrough in capacitive touch-panel technology: the new PN-L803C AQUOS BOARD interactive display system with a featherlight touch. Using this interface is so intuitive and responsive that it feels like writing on a conventional whiteboard.

The PN-L803C display revolutionizes the way you collaborate with colleagues or classmates. It allows you to display and freely annotate a huge variety of documents, with up to four people able to write onscreen at the same time. Now, whether in the boardroom or the classroom, you can share your message with more precision than ever. The PN-L803C display lets you capture ideas at the moment of creation. Recognizing up to 10 touch points, it allows up to four people to write at the same time with a finger or touch pen. Each pen boasts a thin 3.5 mm tip that makes it easier to add detailed notes that remain legible when printed out.

Highlights :

  • Installation: Landscape / Portrait
  • LCD Panel: 80" widescreen (80" diagonal) UV2A LCD
  • Max. Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
  • Max. Display Colors (approx.): 1.06 billion colors
  • Wireless Touch Pen: Standard

Category :

Interactive Displays