Managed Print Services

Many companies find it difficult to decipher how much they are actually spending on document output because of an unmanaged collection of copiers and printers within their organization. As a result, document output costs can be substantially higher than what they should be. The solution? Implement a proactive print management program from Advanced Office Equipment.

Industry Experts Agree…

  • According to the Gartner Group, organizations will spend 1% – 3% of their total revenue on document output.
  • 80% of recoverable costs are missed trying to track and bill for printing
  • Companies underestimate printing expenses by as much as 50%
  • Some organizations estimate up to 50% of IT help desk calls are related to printer issues

Benefits of MPS:

  • Reduced Operation Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Uptime
  • One low cost-per-print
  • One invoice
  • Freed Up IT Resources
  • Extended Printer/Copier Life Span
  • Itemized Usage Billing and Tracking 

What is Print Management?

Simply put, a print management solution from Advanced Office Equipment allows you to proactively manage and control your document output infrastructure and expenses.

We start by evaluating your current printer/copier fleet and implementing a system that will put those devices in locations that increase productivity and reduce printing expenses. Next, make additional hardware recommendations that can save your company even more money. Finally, we bundle your hardware (existing and new), service and supplies into one low cost-per-print rate.

The results can be remarkable. In fact, most companies reduce their total cost of ownership by 8 – 42% while maximizing their document output efficiency.

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Printer Fleet Analysis

Advanced Office Equipment offers a free printer fleet analysis to introduce you to the benefits of implementing a proactive print management program. During the printer fleet analysis we examine your entire infrastructure of printer/copiers, MFP’s, fax machines and scanners in order to make initial recommendations to optimize your printing environment. At the conclusion of the analysis, you will receive the following information:

Asset Report
   – A list of your current printer fleet, where they are located and their     
     average monthly usage.

Total Cost of Ownership Report
   – See the total cost of ownership for your printer fleet including supplies,           maintenance kits, service and support.

Optimization Recommendations
   – Easy-to-read report recommending ways to improve productivity and
     reduce printing expenses.

Print Management Options
   – See options available through AOE’s print management program.



“I want to take the time to thank you and your very competent staff at Advanced Office Equipment for all the products and outstanding service you have provided over these past 18 years. I was very fortunate in finding a company that not only stands behind the products they sell but also provides superb maintenance. The turn around time from placing a maintenance call to having the technician appear in our offices beats all other companies I have worked with.”

Director of Facilities Administration
CoStar Group


“For over 16 years Advanced Office Equipment has provided Easter Seals with excellent service both in terms of matching our company with equipment that best meets our needs and providing superb service, when needed. AOE is a company that stands behind their products and employs a staff that is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. I can confidently recommend AOE as a solid and reliable company. They are experts in their field.”


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