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Document Management

In today’s digital world, storing hard copy documents doesn’t make good business sense. It wastes valuable office space and making adjustments to documents can become difficult and time-consuming. Storing documents off-site is expensive, inconvenient and can become easily damaged or lost all together.

Benefits of Document Management

By replacing manual and hard copy document flow with efficient, digital software storage and retrieval systems we can have a tremendous impact on the health of your business.
  • Enable Profitable Growth
  • Reduce Overhead Expenses
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Reduce Legal Risk
  • Create Business Continuity Plans
  • Enable Regulatory Compliance


Electronic Forms

  • Replace pre-printed forms with software that reformats existing print streams to print with a laser engine on plain paper
  • Add color & barcodes to any business document
  • No change to existing business applications 

Document Distribution Systems

  • Easily distribute documents to multiple locations in multiple formats
  • Route scanned documents to emails, faxes, printers and line of business applications 

Electronic Document Management Systems

  • Retrieve scanned documents quickly with keyword and full text searching
  • Secure sensitive information with password protected access
  • Develop disaster recovery program by archiving paper-based business information in electronic format 

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